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One Touch Telehealth

One Touch Telehealth empowers healthcare providers with their own branded, browser-based telemedicine solution. No app. No hardware. No problem.

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Why One Touch Telehealth?

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Make it easy for doctor and patient.

Traditional video conferencing programs require both the patient and the healthcare worker to download an app on their computer or phone. One Touch Telehealth doesn't require this. our "one touch" approach is easier and faster for patients of all ages. The service is designed specifically for medical practices.


Any Device

Patients can connect with you basically using one click on your website from a computer, tablet, or cell phone. The service is browser based. So they won't be forced to download an app.

Just for You

Because One Touch Telehealth is specifically designed for healthcare, you can be sure it has the features you need without bogging you down with features you don't. And of course, it's HIPPA compliant.


One Touch Telehealth is branded to your practice with the colors and logo your patients are familiar with.

Take Images

Take high quality (4K) images during the Telehealth session

Text Link

Send a text for one-click connection plus text reminders

Instant Surveys

Instant patient and provider surveys after the Telehealth session

Summarized Feature List

  • Any Device
  • No App to Download
  • One Touch Connection From Your Website
  • Take Images
  • Text Links
  • Tracks Billable Hours
  • Auto Text Reminders
  • Automatic Surveys 
  • Meet One to One or One to Many
  • Training Included
  • No IT Resources, Hardware, or Software
  • HIPPA Compliant

Telemedicine. It's Not Just for COVID-19.

Obviously, telemedicine has become more popular since the advent of COVID-19, but it's not a new concept or service. Stay competitive with conumer telemedicine mobile apps and younger demographics who do not have a PCP.

Patients that have had procedures that make it difficult to get to those follow up visits will particularly appreciate the use of telemedicine.

Incorporating telemedicine into your existing patient process can increase revenue on average 20-25% per provider and gain operational efficiencies by up to 30%

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