Why Text Message Marketing?

Text Message Marketing has quickly become the most effective way to get your existing customers to come back to you 3, 4, 5, and even 6 times more per month! Previously only affordable to large companies, text marketing has been known to produce a 1000% return on investment.

  • Customers opt in to receive special offers
  • Send messages and offers any day, any time 
  • Dedicated rep ensures your success
  • Standard Signage design included

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What clients are saying...

I recommend this company without reservations. The magic? Sandro himself; a gentleman well-versed in marketing ideas and completely dependable. His ideas, in conjunction with his SenText program, is responsible for 5 digit increases in total revenue to my company within a 4 month time period; all of it "trackable" so that one can tell exactly where the business is coming from. The investment made in this program was more than worth it for my company for the ROI is like nothing I have ever experienced. If you are a small business looking to increase revenue during slow times or days (or even hours, for that matter), talk to Sandro about SenText and make it work for your business. you just have to folllow the formula that he so graciously lays out for you.


Camp Bow Wow Katy

Sandro at Gladiator Excellence has been amazing for our business. I can now say that there is a proven form of marketing that I don't have to spend so much money on and get guaranteed instant results. Every time we decide to send out a text, I have to be sure that our business is able to take care of them at that very minute. We've tested it over and over and the longest call took 5 minutes and our phone started ringing with appointments. Clients love to hear from us from week to week. This system is a great form of communcation and getting clients and with hot deals immediately. Highly recommend their text system!! To top it off, we now get our services FREE for life!!


Sweet Three Nail Lounge

[Text message marketing] is the most effective way to reach out to our customers during slow times. In just a few minutes I can tell over 900 customers about a special and they will begin coming in within minutes!


San Jose Mexican Restaurant

Our text message system has definitely made an impact in business. It amazes me that as soon as I send out a text message, my store phone begins to ring and undoubtedly, someone on the other line is calling to make a purchase. Text messaging is a great resource for business and it continues to prove its success each time we use it.



My experience with [text message marketing] has been great from the beginning. I have seen so much business from the texting service that it more than pays for the price of the service. I'm able to reach customers instantly, whereas posting on social media doesn't always reach the masses very quickly. The texting service is a great way to send out special sales, discounts, and alerts when new merchandise comes in. I would recommend [text message marketing] to any retailer.


Denim & Lace

I recently signed up with [text message marketing] as a part of our marketing solution for our deli and bakery. In less than a month we already received over 100 people that joined our VIP club. Approximately 30% of the user base turned out to be new clients. I’m very happy with the success that we have seen thus far with [text message marketing]. Not only does the service work, but it’s competitively priced as well.


Café 166

We are thrilled with our text messaging program that has been set up for us. It has helped us reach our customers with sales, specials, coupons, bad weather closings, holiday hours, etc. As a direct result of the program we have seen our in-store and internet sales increase significantly. We have also found that our customers love this way of communication and much prefer it to an e-mail! This product has worked great for us! We love it and so do our customers!


MadCatt Vapors

The best marketing tool I've ever used in 25 years in the business! I used [text messaging marketing] primarily as contests and promotions to fill my restaurant. We see a 30 to 40% response rate and we have over 1000 customers opted-in (and it keeps growing!) I love having 100% control of the message and when it goes out. It only takes me 5 minutes a week and the message automatically feeds our Facebook page. Our customers come to expect the weekly text and this keeps them coming in regularly.


Taqueria Tavern

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Your one time set-up fee of $150 includes full training and support along with on-going Text Message Marketing strategy consulting.

There are three plans. 

We'll help you choose the right plan based on your needs and goals. 

$39 for 500 Monthly (additional messages are 5¢ ea)
$59 for 1000 Monthly (additional messages are 4¢ ea)
$99 for 5000 Monthly (additional messages are 2¢ ea)



If you like our service (and you will), refer us! The bottom line? After 4 referrals, your service can be Free4Life! Schedule and appointment so we can discuss the details.


Text Message Marketing is one of the newest unique solutions provided by Gladiator Excellence. More people using the service is good for our business. We'll keep our Free4Life program going as long as we can, but that doesn't mean it will always be here. Take advantage of it now by scheduling an appointment.


There are three main components:

1. Advertise. Various sized signage and handouts are designed and provided for you to place throughout your business, give to your customers, and post to social media.

2. Build. Customers see the signs and text a keyword to opt in and automatically receive the special offer featured on the signage as well as future special offers or information.

3. Reach. Using your computer, reach all of your customers instantly with a text message for announcements, sales, specials, and promotions!


ABSOLUTELY! Here are just a few:

Birthday Club. Customers receive an automated special offer on their birthday.
Text 2 Win. Run contests to attract new customers on social media.
Text 2 Vote. Get your customers to vote on a new product or service.
Text 2 Quiz. Get involvement by getting your customers to play a game.
Unlimited Keywords. You can have different "lists" each with it's own keyword.
Dedicated Rep. Our best feature! Your rep gets paid when you're succesful.


· Send special offers prior to or after holidays.
· Send special offers when the local, city, or state sports teams win.
· Send special "bad weather" offers.
· Use web links in text messages connecting to your website or facebook page.
· Introduce new products and services.
· Send weekly specials to get your customers coming back more often.
*Send extra special discounts or flash sales when customer traffic is low!